Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Background Summary

The consultant whom is willing to do the unthinkable: "pay upon result delivery"

HVM scaled & commercialized lab scale processes which were written off impossible.

30 years of innovations, resulted $1+ billion revenues so far and still counting. Give us a chance to see what we can do for you.

In today's technology advancement era, everyone should have quantum looped away from old fashion practices. No one is excluded, not pharmaceutical, not chemicals, not oil refinery, not dairy product, not microelectronics, and a whole a lot more. Advancement didn't just happen to computers, to leave behind all other processes.

If you are running same process for decades, using same old equipment, chances are, great opportunities are being missed right under your nose. Don't ever believe the old saying "If it's not broken, why fix it?". Waiting around for break downs is the greatest disservice. This slang has held us back long enough.

Whether it is process improvement, filtration enhancement, yield boost or that one dream product which frequently fails to produce @ acceptable margin, chances are, we can help. Taking a chance on us will cost you just trip expense, until we deliver results. Here are a few short examples (out of far more) of exceptional innovations, despite previous employers disbelieve.

Filtration: Filtration cost for certain employer, as of 10+ years ago was $3+ Million, with 5 fold business growth, today's filtration cost would have been $15+ million. Our invention trimmed off 90% of the filtration, so today's actual cost is barely > $1 million.

Converting Batch to Continuous processes: Old fashion Batch process was generating 2MM lbs anti-dandruff for shampoos 20+ years ago. 2X growth lead to 2nd plant build up. 2 years later, the 5X growth demanded 3rd plant assembly which was abandon DUE to our continuous process invention which was 36 inch sonic pipe (homogeneous micro-mixer). Each pipe produces 12 Gal/min, debottlenecking production for life.  Anti-dandruff shampoos took India and China by storm in past 2 decades, resulting in today's presuming 40+X growth. The 3 sonic pipe lines costing less than the original 1st plant, placed in 3 continents, are easily meeting today's high demand. We converted inefficient batch to continuous for another previous employer whom enjoying triple production compared to their old batch process.

Pilot Plants (sample centers): Our innovative ideas lead to many pilot plants at 1/10th of Engineering firm's cost. These PPs integrated into the heart of the business and played a significant role in gaining new businesses as 1- highly efficient sample centers, producing 1Gal - 2 full tote samples to customers. 2- a low cost mini-plant to resolve unforeseen HVM plant excursion. We have also helped suppliers to build highly efficient new HVM plants at real low cost in return for long term commitment to supply fixed low cost materials.

Dream product: Another employer tried unsuccessfully since 50s to manufacture anti-fouling reagent for marine paint to prevent algae build up at the bottom of ships. Their non-stop attempt lead to gel containing ONLY 3% anti-fouling solid, which couldn't be pumped out of the reactor. Our invention 18 years ago, lead to 25% water like (pump able) antifouling, generating $50 million business which employer still enjoys.